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Democracy Down a Body Part

I, The Dreamboat of Voting, the VoteBoatNoter, just finished two terms as president of my local chapter of the League of Women Voters.  It’s quite a fun ride, being a local LWV president, but you’re constrained by rules of decorum … Continue reading

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M.I.T. guy says Internet voting is at least two decades away

I’ll check back in 20 years, then. The Hartford (CT) Courant covers a confab: Online Voting: Security Issues Remain A Major Hurdle And speaking of Connecticut and connectedness, have you seen this picture of the state’s House of Representatives? Seriously, … Continue reading

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What does the League of Women Voters have against breathing ozone?

For the League of Women Voters, protecting public health by reducing air pollution is a priority issue.  The League’s National President Elisabeth MacNamara said this after President Obama’s decided not to tighten the ozone standard issued in the W. Bush … Continue reading

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Not Funny.

“Karlman” calls voters morons here.

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Is the polling place sinking?

Did Norman Rockwell ever paint a picture of a polling place? If so, it probably influenced Gregory Rodriguez when he wrote this plea to preserve the precinct polling place: “Restoring the lost thrill of election day” When was the last … Continue reading

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Federalism, will you be mine?

Interesting reactions to the rulings holding the “Defense of Marriage Act” unconstitutional: Especially: Federalism is everyone’s bitch. Neither side takes a consistent position with it – the left and the right favor it when it suits them, and each … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hello from the lovely realm of! Let’s start by admitting that at some basic level all of us voters are in the same boat. Now let’s float the VoteBoat!

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